The path to more diverse technical talent

Download Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report on diversity in tech. Learn about the programs over 300 executives are leveraging to improve diversity in their organizations — and what’s still standing in their way.

This Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report is sponsored by Karat.

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The problem

Increasing diversity of technical talent is a priority in most organizations. Yet most teams lack measurement and accountability required to determine the impact of their efforts.

The research

This report provides a realistic assessment of the chances of success, provides guidance on what organizations can do to increase the odds, and explores potential consequences, if any, for organizations that fail to diversify.

The way forward

Developing successful programs will require well-defined and realistic success metrics, executive sponsorship, resourcing, and measurement.

Programs with purpose and impact

Interview unlock opportunities and change lives.  And yet, we recognize that Black software engineers have been mostly kept out of the highest levels of tech and not afforded access to the career opportunities that interviews create.

To increase access, Karat has created a Brilliant Black Minds, our flagship purpose program, to empower a new generation of Black software engineers.

Brilliant Black Minds: Unlocking opportunities for Black software engineers

Karat partners with organizations and institutions that serve Black software engineers to invite participants into our free practice interview programs. Explore the learnings and impact from Computer Science students at Howard University.

Malaya Moon
Collins Chikeluba
Demetria Mack
Thank you to our Brilliant Black Minds partners