Hiring bar alignment

Gain a competitive edge using exclusive tech talent intelligence, data-driven alignment to your hiring bar, and education to support inclusive interviewing and DEI initiatives.


Tech recruiter and candidate support 24/7

Enterprise clients partner with a dedicated client success manager who will guide your talent acquisition and engineering teams through onboarding, interview alignment to your hiring bar, and strategic planning needed to achieve your specific hiring goals. Candidates and recruiters are supported 24/7 by our operations team.

“Karat has allowed us to free up thousands of hours in engineering time that was used in technical phone screens while still matching our hiring bar.”

John Egan Head of Growth Engineering, Pinterest

Hire the right tech talent with interviews aligned to your hiring bar

Alignment Engineers work with your team to select the best interview format, competencies, and the importance of those competencies. Over time, onsite feedback is used to adjust these factors to make sure each technical interview has the best possible chance of becoming a hire. Karat will work with your team to actively monitor and optimize onsite-to-offer ratio as a key performance indicator of alignment to your hiring bar.


Exclusive tech talent insights and benchmarking

Meeting hiring targets starts with an efficient, measurable technical recruiting process. Exclusive talent insights and benchmarking from Karat’s structured interview dataset provides a competitive advantage. Answer strategic questions about candidate quality, the fairness of your technical recruiting process for diverse candidates, and see how you stack up against other enterprises in your industry and region.


Strategic guidance for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in your software engineering team

Karat increases access to fair and predictive live technical interviews, while rigorously measuring and optimizing the impact on diverse candidates. Our team is on hand to identify strategies for building a diverse talent pipeline and level the playing field throughout the entire hiring process — beyond the technical interview.

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Best practices workshops for interviewing and hiring tech talent

Inclusive hiring processes start with the technical interview. Often, teams benefit from support and education to extend best practices in in-interview communication, structured write-ups, and developing structured scoring rubrics for the onsite. Karat is on point to help your team build the most predictive, fair, and enjoyable technical hiring process.

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