Karat Interviewers

Karat is the hub for engineers passionate about interviewing and hiring. Our expert interviewers are recognized and rewarded for doing a first-class job as top assessors of technical talent.

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Work flexibly, earn reliable income

Work when you want, as much as you want. Each interview is self-contained, so once an interview is over, you’ll be free to focus on the next one or other priorities in your life. And you’ll be paid well, commensurate with your valuable hiring expertise.

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Master the craft

Karat’s interview design leverages the latest, most robust interviewing science. You’ll get extensive training in our methodologies and continuous feedback to help improve your hiring skills. You’ll also join a like-minded community of fellow engineers passionate about assessment and hiring.

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Change the face of the tech world

We spend a lot of energy ensuring that our assessments are fair and unbiased. We also offer free interviews to underrepresented populations in tech to try to eliminate false negatives and help folks better understand where they are in their career arc. Our interviewers help design and execute these programs, playing a pivotal role to increase diversity and opportunity in tech.