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Fill open roles faster and reclaim engineering bandwidth by making hiring fair, predictive, and enjoyable.


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Reclaim engineering bandwidth.


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Fill open roles fast.


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Reimagine applicant screening with Karat Qualify

Replace resume screens and code tests with an innovative top-of-funnel assessment that delivers effortless scale, an equitable experience, and more qualified candidates moving through your hiring pipeline.


Generate an unparalleled hiring signal with Karat Interviews

Build hiring confidence with best-in-class, live technical interviews that combine research-backed content, unrivaled insights, and expert Interview Engineers to generate a trustworthy, predictive hiring signal. 

Karat is an immensely valuable solution that has brought scalability, consistency, and a shared language in our engineering recruiting process. Our engineering and recruiting teams trust Karat’s data and insights, which have given us a shared perspective on our market benchmarking we couldn’t get anywhere else.

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Inclusive hiring processes for diverse engineering teams

In the US, just 5% of software engineers are Black, and less than half of Black computer science students have had a practice interview. But those with three or more practice interviews are six times more likely to land an internship. Learn more about how we’re working to close the Interview Access Gap.

Karat’s Interviewing Cloud and Brilliant Black Minds are creating a tech industry that represents ALL of us – giving organizations access to a deeper interview-ready talent pool and bringing more unique voices to the table while unlocking even more engineering time and supporting DEI initiatives.


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